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PT Requirements

The following information is subject to change depending on the program you apply to.

Physical Therapy Program Information

Most Physical Therapy programs now offer the DPT degree. Admission to a Physical Therapy program is highly competitive. This is based on pre-requisite requirements, GPA in required courses, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and volunteer/paid hours at a PT clinic.

Most PT programs require the following: (see individual programs for specific information)

-Bachelor's Degree (BA or BS)

-Overall GPA 3.0

-Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

-an average of 1000 out of 1600

(see specific programs for average GPA and GRE scores as well as specific requirements)

-Three letters of recommendations are required for most schools (at least one from a practicing PT and one from a professor)

-PT clinical hours (volunteer/paid) on average 100 hrs. are required (please see specific schools for exact hours)

-Course Pre-Requisites (Vary from school to school, check individual programs for exact pre-requisites)

8 hrs. General Chemistry with Labs

8hrs. General Physics with Labs

4-8hrs. General Biology with Labs

3-6 hrs. Mathematics (usually calculus?VT?s 1016 course)

8 hrs. Human Anatomy and Physiology

3 hrs. Psychology

3 hrs. Developmental/Abnormal Psychology or a Sociology course

3 hrs. Statistics

6-9 hrs. Advanced Biology Science Courses (see other course

Other Course Suggestions:

Exercise Physiology Kinesiology

Molecular Biology Organic Chemistry w/ Labs

Pharmacology Other Psychology Courses

Cell Biology Pathology

Neuromuscular & Physical Performance

It is important that students interested in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy school investigate specific requirements for admission at the institutions of interest. Requirements do vary from school to school. This includes specific course requirements as well as volunteer service hours. Most programs post these requirements on their website. Programs are also generally more than happy to field questions regarding the applicability of certain Virginia Tech courses to serve as meeting the program's requirements.

Lastly, it is important to begin logging volunteer hours as soon as possible. Try to include service in both private clinics and hospital settings. This will 1.) give you a better feel fro the professions and 2.) serve to convince various PT programs that you are knowledgeable about the profession and serious about your intent to become a Physical Therapist.

Virginia Institutions that offer the DPT degree are:

Accredited Institutions:

Hampton University:

Marymount University:

Old Dominion University:

Shenandoah University:

Virginia Commonwealth University:

Preliminarily Accredited:

Lynchburg College:

Radford University:


American Physical Therapy Association:

Graduate Record Exam:

Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS):

HNFE Department curricula: